TReND in Africa

TReND is a charity supporting scientific capacity building across Africa. They run cutting edge biomedical training courses, provide universities with scientific equipment, run academic volunteering and outreach schemes, and support and work with African researchers.




Visual Design, Graphic Design


October 12, 2019


The charity only had a plain-text version of the posters, with a very basic design used only at Universities where they promoted their initiatives. However, they were launching a new website and the charity also were looking for a poster design template for the upcoming campaigns. TReND wanted an eye-catching poster design to be able to stand out from the crowd at University halls and at science conventions and events. They needed a variety of poster designs, one to promote their activity as a charity and another to donate equipment and materials to run their programs and courses and the third poster design needed to be focused on community engagement. As volunteering with TReND in Africa involves amazing community events (from ‘Ask A Scientist” Radio programmes to public lectures to “Meet A Scientist”, including hand-on activities in microscopy to 3D printing) TReND provides invaluable experiences for volunteers and young Africans who are driven by science and eager to learn.


I developed a completely new poster design approach for the different projects. Featuring Africa’s silhouette as a frame for all the powerful images of real people that TReND has in its library from their previous courses and adding a clear call to action for each poster design was essential to drive people to the website for more information or to email to be part of subsequent campaigns for the following years.


The text was shortened to get the student’s attention and be more appealing and engaging than the previous versions.

One of the posters design highlighted promotes the volunteering options at an African research University. The second design encourages people to donate equipment and materials to run their programs and courses at one of their many African partner institutes and the third poster design showcases the volunteering program experience.