TSG Invoice provides support and advice about invoicing to help businesses manage their cash flow, and avoid the stress of running into problems because of unpaid invoices. With our wealth of experience and industry connections, we offer independent advice on the following:

  1. Invoice Discounting: You maintain control of your ledger and manage your own collections. If you already have credit control team but would like to turn your invoices into cash, then this could be the model for your business.
  2. Invoice Factoring: Our lenders will act as your businesses credit department, taking care of cash flow and collections, freeing you to work on others areas of your business.
  3. Supply Chain Finance: Whether it’s hire purchase, leasing, or refinancing your existing assets, we have the options to support your business.
  4. Crowd Funding: This is an increasingly popular choice for entrepreneurs and investors. We work with you to validate your concept or initiative, reduce your risks, setup a campaign and take the opportunity to market, in order to raise investment for you.

Target: bSmall businesses and start-ups.

Design Goal: introduce the new TSG invoice brand into the market.


Setting up a friendly and close approach in order to communicate a brand who understand real business’s problems through a trustworthy aesthetic.  The brand identity is conceived to represent a customer’s satisfaction and the underlines a “no stress” concept.  The logotype highlights the idea of reliable professionals whose work focuses on customer’s results, and does so using a positive symbol (check mark ✓) and warm colour (orange) to enhance the feeling of serenity.

The cashflow people

  • Logo design
  • Website wireframe design
  • Iconography
  • Art Direction