Cruzcampo, from the southern and luminous city of Seville, is considered to be the biggest beer producer in Spain. Cruzcampo belongs to Heineken International Group from 2000, and produces Cruzcampo beer in their factories located in Seville, Madrid, Jaén, and Valencia. Cruzcampo is constantly looking for brand experiences to surprise their customers, always focusing on a specific concept: belonging to the south, and how it feels.

Target: Young (18-30 years) Mainly from Andalucia (South of Spain) with a limited budget.

Design Goal: Create an advertising campaign (online and offline) to increase brand awareness on young customers using the insight “I love beer and enjoying it with my friends” with a positive, active and young approach.


This beer brand understands that communication must be strengthened to prove its superiority over other beer brands. That’s why we settled on an exclusive advertising campaign for The Young with a brand experience based in their know-how with an informal. close, and funny tone of voice. In this simple campaign, Cruzcampo speaks the typical language from the South, sharing the target audience’s interest, which is “to enjoy drinking beer with friends” and, most importantly, conveying that this brand is for people like me.

We identified 5 situations and characters that every member of a young group of friends can easily identify with, scenes from a bar/pub in which they can recognize themselves and their friends, i.e. The clumsy fellow, the dancing-lover, the stingy fellow, the missing one and the toast maker. Humour is an effective way to present Cruzcampo‘s Friends and engage young customers. Getting the audience to humorously reflect on themselves on this campaign makes the content easier to share and viralise by the customers themselves.

We introduced a mini quiz to discover “What type of friend are you?” Answering 10 simple questions in a mobile app; the user will get a description and a video which can be shared on their social media accounts. These 5 short videos are accessible on the Youtube channel as well. Digital banners, outdoor advertising, and flyers complement the campaign to raise the quiz participation and number of views.

 Amigos de Cruzcampo

  • Quiz: What type of friend are you? Share your result with your friends
  • Online advertising. Digital banners and social media ads (Facebook, twitter)
  • Offline advertising. Outdoor advertising and flyers