Hazloposible is a Spanish non-profit association dedicated to promoting the participation of society in solidarity causes in an innovative way. Through differents projects such as, Soluciones, or, this technology helps bringing people with the right skills, in order for them to help on the NGOs social needs.

Target: Hazloposible understands that all people can be involved in charity, contributing their time and talent by volunteering. They highlighted several groups that were especially of their interest:

  1. People who never have been joined or taken part in any volunteering before.
  2. Sporadic volunteers. (Someone who have participated before or doesn’t continue as often as was before)
  3. Professionals who have limited time.
  4. Wider public, such as children and teenagers. (Awareness)

Design Goal: To raise awareness about volunteering activities and to increase the participation of people in volunteering through Hazloposible‘s platforms, using new technologies and, in particular, taking advantage of gamification.


Economise the time as much as possible for those who would like to become volunteers, but don’t have decided which causes support, don’t have full availability to do it or want to engage eventually, more sporadically. 

The goal is to create a mobile app where gamification plays an important role, presenting curated volunteering opportunities made available through customised by filters (educational, environmental, social, animal protection, art & culture, emergency and relief, health and immigration). This makes volunteering easy to get into and a more accessible activity. Volnet would become the first volunteer network that connects people with causes that really matter and motivate them.

Volunteering becomes easier than ever.


  • Customize your volunteer experience. Choose your causes, availability, kind of volunteering, etc.
  • Geolocation. Meet volunteers from your area and join in events near you!
  • Social Network. Share experiences and rate events and organizations.
  • Gamification.  Badge system. Earn points, get awards and become the best volunteer!
  • Notifications. Get messages that really matter.